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CityPlan Commitment, Deliverance and Quality

Organization and Management

CITYPLAN Organization structure is made up of the Board of directors, Company Chairperson and the group Managing Director. The Managing Director is the Executive Chief of the organization and is charged with the day-to-day management and implementation of activities.

The three executive directorates of the group include; consultancy operations, business development, finance and administration and CityPlan Properties.

The directorate for consultancy operations is made of over 20 strong experienced team of consultants in the fields of urban planning and management, urban design, housing and infrastructure systems development, regional development planning, land use planning, environmental planning and management, geo-environmental information systems, and project management. Directorate of CityPlan Proprties is an autonomous unit of CityPlan Proprties (T) Limited which is primarily focusing on acquiring and developing suitable land sites for different land uses.

CITYPLAN Organization Structure

CityPlan Structure

Furthermore as land development assignments require multi-displinary professions, CITYPLAN works jointly with local and international consultancy firms.

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