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CityPlan Commitment, Deliverance and Quality

Urban Planning and Design Services (UPD)

  • Land Use Plans, Strategic Urban-Regional Development Framework,
  • Preparation of Environmental Profiles
  • Development of Master Plans
  • Preparation of Resettlement Plans
  • Rural and Township Development
  • Urban Design including; Zoning Plans, Site Plan, Neighborhood Design
  • Landscape Planning and Design
  • Integrated Development Planning
  • Surveys and Statistical Studies
  • Public Consultation Processes
  • Preparations and Application for Required Statutory, Consents, Permits and Approvals
  • Land Owner Consents and Land acquisitions
  • Urban Governance and Institutionalization (Restructuring)
  • Industrial and commercial estate planning and development
  • Environmental Training including Urban Environmental Planning and Management Process (EPM)

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